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Warum Volkswagen – Recruiting Campaign


DDB Voltage

My role
Executive Creative Director Digital

Project description
Volkswagen has a need for new talents that helps to fulfill the vision of democratizing electric mobility. That for we created a campaign to target experts in batteries development, intuitive usability and digital transformation. The “Why Volkswagen” or in German “Warum Volkswagen” campaign follows a three-phase structure that inspires users with a vision to showcase the new modern Volkswagen as an unexpected attractive employee. We started with three visions, followed by three interviews with real employees already working at Volkswagen and finishing with an unexpected Volkswagen employee benefits section. The European campaign was a targeted social campaign with a personalizes offsite to onsite approach and uses retargeting to bring users back to the personalized landing page. Depending on the funnel position a targeted potential new employee gets a matching media asset and landing page.

Warum Volkswagen