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Volkswagen ID.4 – Personalized Launch Campaign


DDB Voltage

My role
Executive Creative Director Digital

Project description
For the launch of Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV, we created the first fully personalized campaign for Volkswagen. The campaign was designed for an offsite to onsite personalized user experience. We used user data to create an intender-based media targeting that went hand in hand with an intender-based personalized product website. We differentiate between two main target groups, the “SUV Intenders”, the “EV Intenders” plus a third target group for the untargeted user what we called “Untargeted Intenders”. Each target group got its own tailor-made media and website experience with a focus on features and images more fitting to their interests and purchase intention towards the ID.4. Through the handover of user signals from media to the website, we guarantee a seamless digital user from a first media exposure over retargeting to a detailed product experience.

This fully personalized digital marketing campaign was praised by Volkswagen the Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess and Boardmember Brand Jürgen Stackmann as a quantum leap forward for the brand and as Volkswagens’s most modern advertisement campaign so far.