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The new Polo Launch Campaign – Dance on Mars


DDB Voltage

My role
Executive Creative Director Digital

Project description
For the launch of Volkswagen’s new Polo, we created the “Mars Ballet” a digital-first campaign. Together with our strategic partners at Google, we developed a script designed for maximum user attention that allows the creation of unskippable shorter edits for paid media. The main USP of the new Polo is the amount of tech built-in which is unusual for a car of this size. The campaign claim develops to underline this USP is: “Who says you can’t.” To transport this message we created the story of a little girl who wants to become an astronaut and a ballerina. Through match cuts, we show that her dream came true when she performed as an adult astronaut at a ballet dance on the red soil of Mars. Who said you can not become an Astronaut Ballerina? The thump-stopping power of these powerful and zeitgeisty images of an astronaut dancing on mars guaranteed not only unskippable paid media assets but the film also one of the highest click-rate amongst all recent Volkswagen social assets.
In only two weeks and without any media spending the video got an organic reach of over 700.000 views.