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Cheil Worldwide

My role
Creative concept, briefing and supervision of the production company, attempt the shooting, supervision of
layout production

Project description
The small office is a branded entertainment global online campaign for the new Samsung color laser printer. The microsite is video documentation about a British office worker and his “special” office. He is the CEO of a one man company and believes in working in an extremely small office using small office equipment. He is explaining in four episodes of his office and the philosophy behind it. Of cause, he is using in his office the smallest color laser printer in the world, the new Samsung CLP 315. In this small office environment, daily life situations are causing a lot of problems, special when other people are involved. Beyond the microsite, we created a multi-channel viral concept including, a blog, two movie trailer for online video platforms, a special YouTube Channel” with all episodes, a public Flickr account with pictures and his small “business empire”.