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SAMSUNG F300 Mobile


Cheil Worldwide

My role
Creative concept, briefing and supervision of production company, attempt the shooting, supervision
of layout production

Project description
The „Twins Become One“ web special is a branded entertainment concept. We tell the enchanting yet surreal story of identical twins living in a world of separation (2 devices longing for unity) – and through rich-media interaction, with the 2 girls the user can learn that the Ultra Slim has 2 sides and by connecting the twins together learn that the device has multi-purpose functionality. The first task was to position the SAMSUNG Ultra Slim Mobile phone into the hearts and minds of the target group,
predominantly female 18-30, as the ultimate fashion lifestyle mobile phone. The second and more important task was to create an F300 downloadable widget provides by using VOIP technology-free phone calls, free SMS, and MP3 player functionality. We created a new kind of  CRM tool where the user can test the phone call functions and enjoys the Mp3s function.