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SAMSUNG Mobile Wow Manifesto


Cheil Worldwide

My role
Creative concept, concept design and layout

Project description
Samsung Mobile launched a new brand campaign to create buzz and increase wow(!) awareness. It is the first-ever campaign to create a truly web 2.0 campaign integrating different social networks, discussion, video, and photo platforms. By creating an emotional connection with the wow!
experience in Social Networks, Samsung Mobile developed a community of existing and potential users of Samsung Mobile. By allowing users to actively interact in the community, it not only gives users a reason to come back but also creates a platform for Samsung Mobile to powerfully launch
future products. Result (Nov.6. 2008 ~Jan.6.2008) Without any media support other than SNS channel utilization and limited local support, the wow microsite has received more than 680,000 unique visits (1.4M visit), 27,308 user registration, and more than 4,000 user contents


iF Award 2009 Gold
Webby Awards 2009 Official Honoree