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Twitch Polo Challanger Series

Volkswagen Germany

DDB Voltage

My role
Executive Creative Director Digital

Project description
DDB Voltage and phd Germany teamed up Twitch and Volkswagen Germany for the first cooperation of this kind.
Volkswagen sponsored a “Rocket Ball League” Tournament on Twitch where amateurs and pro-games can compete against each other in order to with the new Polo. Four famous pro-games and 2 well-known game casters entertained Twitch users within a three-phase tailormade Polo campaign framing and introducing the car and its features.
The challenger series was designed to address a young and through Adblockers and Media-usage- behavior “unreachable” audience which we have never reached before with Volkswagen media activities. The format was very well received by the talents & the community. Viewers for example thanked VW for being the reason their favorite streamers finally play Rocket League. The talents had fun with the format which made it an authentic experience. The high-quality branding fitted perfectly into the Gaming environment and was positively noticed by viewers. Very nice and positive sentiment in the chat. The activation was never ‘flagged’ as sponsored content but rather enjoyed as a unique piece of entertainment. 

Incredibly successful and very well received the first step of activating new audiences for Volkswagen on Twitch.
17.6 Mio. Premium Video Contacts secured reach in the younger target group for the new Polo.
More than 5 Mio. Minutes Watched and  1.1 Mio. Total Views of “The New Polo Challenger Series” created high-value content for the new Polo.

The challenge created the highest number of minutes watched, for a Germany-only branded activation on Twitch to date!