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Kia XCeed European Campaign Launch

Kia Motors Europe

Innocean Worldwide Europe

My role
European Digital Creative Director

Project description
Our task was to produce a digital experience for the European launch campaign for the new Kia XCeed, which is the 4th member of the Ceed family. The concept was based on the client brief to focus on the design of the car. To allow the user to explore every design detail of the Xceed we used a “frozen in time mechanic” for the campaign website. We created a full 3D visualizer created out of the packshot location scan and enriched the environment with “frozen in time” objects. To have an even stronger campaign connection we included actors from the commercial film by using their full-body scans. The design language and usability approach follow the previous online Ceed campaigns of the 5door, sports wagon, and ProCeed.

XCeed campaign page