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SAMSUNG Electronics

Cheil Worldwide

My role
Idea, concept, art direction, supervising

Project description
We created an interactive tour through Beijing in seven short movies. We wanted to show in the campaign
Beijing’s hip side beyond the typical sights. Still touristic but no Birds-Nest Stadium or Forbidden City. Our heroes
Josh and Kim exploring the cool side of Beijing using and demonstrating the features of the two SAMSUNG cameras
WB550 and WB500.

All still pictures in the campaign were shot with the two cameras. We did not use any extra high-end camera
equipment. The user gets what he sees when he buys one of the cameras.

In addition, we created an own Flickr profile where the user could review all pictures were taken with the cameras during
the shooting in detail.

We also created the first SAMSUNG Flickr photo community. The user could share their pictures and win a SAMSUNG
camera or a Flickr full membership for one year. Until today we have over 23,495 submitted pictures by 737 SAMSUNG photo enthusiasts.