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T-Roc Launch Campaign


DDB Voltage

My role
Executive Creative Director Digital

Project description
For the launch of the new T-Roc, we created a campaign that is rooted in Volkswagen’s storytelling heritage and also serves the needs for digital assets that work on various digital channels where users have short a short attention spans.
The brief was to create a humorous ad that communicates a lot of features and works mainly on digital channels but also on TV. To solve this brief we developed a scripting technique we called “digital storytelling”. We created a light-hearted “Volkswagen-Like” story of an eyepatch-wearing but confident skate girl in the 70is that is today still confident but exchanged her skateboard with a T-Roc. We developed the story in a way to ensure the possibility of multiple edits that work perfectly on each channel. All video assets we created based on the main film have a strong attention-grabbing hook at the beginning and a full packshot that works also on vertical mobile screens. For the long skippable video formats, we applied a “heartbeat curve” style of editing with multiple story peaks to make it “impossible” for the user to skip.