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Google kreate films

Google Korea

Dmajor Korea, Seoul

My role
Digital Creative Director

Project description
In South Korea the digital landscape is dominated by local tech companies like Kakao/Daum (mobile) or Naver (search). Even Google is well know as a brand it does not play an important role in the daily life of Koreans. To change this we launched the kreate campaign. A grassroots branding campaign for young Koreans from 16-25 to give them a culturally relevant brand connection. We choose YouTube, the perfect Google product to start the communication and create a perception shift.
YouTube is the No.1 video platform in Korea but isn’t associated with Google.
We created an anthem launch film and a series of 36 films with Korea’s top YouTube influencer. The kreate films address a social issue of starting to express themselves creatively outside the accepted career paths.Our influencers task was to demonstrate and motivate young Koreans that you could be successful by being creative and following your passion. The message to the target was, Google understands you and offers you the perfect platforms to express yourself.