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BMW 1 Series Gadget



My role
Creative concept, layout and design, seeding

Project description
The target group of the new BMW 1 Series has a high affinity for gadgets like MP3 players and BlackBerrys. This is the reason why we developed a fictitious mysterious tool that plays DVDs, has a color screen and saves energy. It aims to represent the diverse product properties of the BMW 1 Series is the one with features like Bluetooth, Passive Access, or upgraded iDrive, which for this vehicle class is unique. To confuse the user, even more, the gadget constantly morphs his form. With the official launch date of the BMW 1 Series, we solved the mystery about this gadget.  It was a metaphor for the new BMW 1 Series. The gadget appeared on Flickr, Google Video, and on the website bmw.com. With a few smart comments on blogs we generated a buzz that tripled the visits at bmw.com and we had postings in almost 200 blogs.

Autovision 2005 – Gold